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Nurses on Boards Project

This project will develop educational resources on topics such as how to seek and apply for board membership, preparing a CV for board application, and more.  The Nurses on Boards team believes that the creation and distribution of education related to board membership will assist nurses at all levels to seek and become more active in board activities.  


This team works collaboratively to promote state and nationwide nursing associations and organizations by connecting nurses to resources that can contribute to the health of the community. It seeks to list volunteer and appointment-based opportunities and identify the number of nurses serving on boards in Michigan.  The committee will collaborate with other project leaders to establish a mentoring model for use within the nursing coalition to support nurses seeking board service.  

Problems being addressed:

  1. Lack of knowledge related to "how to" receive an appointment to a board or apply to serve on a board.

  2. Lack of knowledge regarding the value of what nurses will bring to a variety of boards.

  3. The need for help or assistance to access information about available boards to serve on or be appointed to.

  4. Lack of easy access via web-based links on the Michigan Nurses Coalition website to other resources and organizations about boards and board activity.

  5. Low number of nurses serving on boards.

  6. Lack of communication related to the distribution of nurses across the State.

Group Goals:

  1. The committee will promote the distribution of education on how nurses can impact the health of the community through board service.

  2. The committee will connect nurses to resources where nurses can contribute to the health of the community.

  3. The committee will connect nurses to volunteer and appointment-based boards and bodies that list requirements to serve.

  4. The committee will work with other organizations to work collaboratively in support of the promotion of nurses on boards. 

  5. The committee will develop an education opportunity via video upload, PDF, Powerpoint, and/or presentation at nursing event(s) that serves to teach nurses how to frame their application for board appointments and activities in a manner that demonstrates their abilities to serve as well as their broad view and value.

  6. The committee will collaborate with the Michigan Action Coalition Mentoring Project to include a Nurses on Boards mentoring model.

  7. The committee will identify the number of nurses currently serving on boards in Michigan, in support of current initiative such as 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020

Interim Team Leader:

Melanie Brim, MHA

Team Resources:

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