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Supporting Practicing Nurses in Michigan

"In all the ways we deliver the art and science of Nursing, we affect precious lives through the hearts we touch, affirming words we share, continuous seeking of new and better Evidence, adding to the body of knowledge and practice.  
Let us inspire one another, let us champion a culture of health, let us sow the seeds of scientific inquiry, let us mirror excellence in every way. "

-Gwendolyn Botardo Stanulis


Team Focus - IOM recommendations related to nursing and public/population health

IOM Objectives:

  • ​Expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse interprofessional collaborative improvement efforts

  • Promote nurse engagement in life-long learning

  • Use data/evidence to inform nursing practice

  • Ensure right care from right professional at right time

  • Enhance technology use in all practice settings

  • Provide infrastructure for nursing practice in under-served communities 

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Team Resources
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